Thursday, March 16, 2017


One face has faced infinity and revels in the ride
All ruts encountered on the way are taken slow, in stride
Another face of withered stare is on the other side
A burning deep impatience with no thought of fear or pride
The cry of reason stifles as the aching heart does smother
The winds of fate are weathered by the iron of the other
To pass through time, a ghost, the merest wisps of life and sense
While darkly lit, a whisper's heard, the mists, at once, condense
The faces fold, appear as one, the burden set aside
The ache is gone, the heart is one, the tears have all been cried

© 2014 whickwithy

NB - the actual definition of "Bifrons" is two-faced or two fronts.  It was not originally the name of a demon.  That is an adaptation.  The god Janus was originally named Bifrons for obvious reasons.

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