Sunday, March 5, 2017

"The weaver and the wizard"

The artisan begins his tireless toil
The consequence of all the threads uncoil
The whisper of the weaver's patience tasked
Each thread, an answer to a question asked
But, for the tapestry to answer all
The blend of threaded questions must enthrall
Suspended gaze must answer to the call
The witness of the wizard wherewithal
A tableau that can cast the curing spell
Eliminates inertias that propel
The tapestry unbinds the vile unreason
Transforming life from winter's brutal season
The weaver builds the tapestry from thread
The wizard conjures life for those undead
In colors bright, the tapestry portrays
That life can be much more than pending days
Warm and rich, this life beneath the sun
The weaver and the wizard are as one



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