Thursday, September 3, 2015


A pulse is felt, it is enough, to navigate the day
A thrill runs through to fingertips assuring life’s foray
But, underneath, a rumble builds, its ramping all through time
There's more to this than just the thrill, there's more to life and rhyme
The singing of the universe is aching to get through
A tone that runs along the thread, vibrating me and you
The winding road of life leads to the insight of the view
'Tis not the road but in the dance we find the answer to
The questions that can build a life to something more than pale
To make each moment thunder, with a life that's strong and hale
The path is sometimes hidden, brush and brambles clog the way
The tune becomes more difficult, the dancing seems to stray
Solutions for the moment will become a tightened noose
To break the chains, reclaim the life, and ease the dancing loose
Solutions for eternity necessitate the deed
Requiring one to hold the course, to heal instead of bleed
But, in the end, beginnings stir, the flower on the stem
Crowning life in something more, the hidden diadem
Now, the way is clearest and the path is smooth and straight
Just steady on, a patient heart, a will to now create
A view into eternity, essential to the task
The answer to the question mark before you ever ask
Seek the serendipity
A tempo set to destiny
Unending in its quality
All limits set by you and me
The rhythm's in the wind and in the air
The steps must sense with loving and with care
Subtly posed, accept the steps in kind
No knowledge helps accept that life's divine


© 2013 whickwithy


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