Sunday, August 30, 2015

"The leaf and twig"

The leaf holds softly to the twig it needs for life's support
The wind and rain and elements are part of its consort
Tentative connection held to that which gives it life
The poet warrior ponders this as wonder sings his fife
The leaf will pass and twig remain as seasons come and go
But, once again, the leaf returns, embracing season's flow
He sits, unmoving, through a time to ponder just a leaf
All of life moves past him, a peripheral motif
'Tis this necessity that drew him from his love and heart
To understand the universe in whole, not just a fraction's part
The leaf tied to the twig is as his life is tied to hers
Only in her presence, in her heart, his essence stirs


© 2014 whickwithy


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