Saturday, October 24, 2015

"It takes more than willpower"

Bad habits in the closet hid away
Not on the sleeve or podium, per se
The substance of long habits do reveal
They are not shaken by a will of steel
Surround them, understand them through the sounding
Each surface, crevice, crack is so resounding
A will that thrashes renders all the tracks
Those splintered thoughts are shattered by the axe
And still the habits wait within the wings
To pull at you, like hidden puppet strings
Undoing of a crooked life is slow
In increments so small, it seems not so
A sigh is born, the patience shows the scars
As constant as the twinkling of the stars
The heart, the heart brings will beyond what's known
It bring the note to clarity of tone
To sing the notes, to all extent unknown
Vibrations fill existence to the bone
The universe's murmur fills the soul
It settles in the heart to make it whole


© 2015 whickwithy


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