Thursday, January 12, 2017

"The whisper"

Laid out upon the table are the rations of the day
A bit of sweetness, on the side, a sense of agapé
The trenchant and mercurial are set for slow sauté
A taste of bitterness intrudes upon the consommé
The windows open wide to bring the warmth of dawning ray
The scent of blooming life expands within the entryway
Standing there enshrouded by the light behind the door
The senses say, 'tis  tale and wind of wand'ring troubadour
A mandolin in one hand and the other, meteor

Behind the minstrel, trees and score
Out in the world, a brief rapport
A boulevard leads to the shore
Reflecting all the pains we wore
The wind in whistles speaks encore
 The mandolin of evermore
The crashing waves of last uproar
The whisper says there's something more


© 2015 whickwithy


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