Wednesday, July 8, 2015

"Echoes III"

The shout rings out to see if someone's there
It echoes back, a sigh upon the air
Reverberating chains of history
Are shattered by the songs of mystery
The mystery subsides
Pursued by rising tides
Of clarity that suddenly confides
That history be gone
The focus then moves on
Unravelling the mystery at dawn
The welcome echo of the thoughts untouched
Will crystallize the meaning that was clutched
By waves that rippled down the halls of time
Echoing the thoughts so caked with rime
By lack of understanding
That, still imposed, demanding
The answers that the knowledge lost expanding
The mysteries of life and death and bounds
Are not the stuff of sights, and smells, and sounds
But, of a substance of another ken
The will must seek, but knowledge must it fend


© 2015 whickwithy