Saturday, August 27, 2016

"The reason for unreason"

In the depths of distant time a sentience emerged
Onward, upward, was the passion that their essence urged
But, chaos did ensue for they had made a slight mistake
Embarrassed and unwitting, they had thrown at heart a stake
Love and honour were the ones that fell upon the ground
And, witness to the sad affair, all reason was unsound
A pall occurred when mention of the act was ever made
So silence and unreason took the stage and farce was played
To see the truth and shout it, only echoes do return
Until the truth is evident, for all, the heart will burn
Rage and fury settle in, for price that we have paid
A challenge made, a gauntlet thrown, that reason will cascade
I cannot seem to raise the tide, a glamour does reside
Will is not enough, it seems, to raise the ocean wide
But, will and effort integrate, an iron without match
A hammer built for all mankind to break unreason's latch
Forged in our humanity, while flames were flying high
A breath of life for all of us, a message in a sigh
Life and living's hard enough without unreason's weight
Take the chance of life and heart and, then, you will relate
There is an answer to the drum that's heard on summit's peak
A celebration of this life, undoes the havoc's wreak


© 2016 whickwithy


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