Tuesday, January 19, 2016


I sputter at the wind and rain encompassing the day
The daily intransigence of the walking wounded way
The benefice is stripped away, transcendence is undone
The weary walk on sandy shore, the sparkles are for none

A pause is felt
The winters melt
Perception has its say
The tide is low
The heart does know
That summer's come to stay


© 2016 whickwithy

Monday, January 18, 2016

"The Scene"

The scene that I look out upon has never slightly changed
And, yet, somehow, and, often, it is all so rearranged
As if a thread were pulled and all the fabric were let loose
And, then, a magic hand would thread it back for my reuse
Or, like kaleidoscope that jumbles all within its view
A shattering of broken glass that slowly does ensue
Becoming more, each day, each year, as time does slowly pass
That brightens through the window's view, a well-defined stained glass


© 2013 whickwithy

Friday, January 8, 2016


Consequences of a move
A chess play every time
Each action is a chance to prove
The rhythm and the rhyme
The king is set and pawns arrayed
The queen, in glory, waits
Upon the precipice we stayed
Surveying all the traits
The piecemeal view which we discern
Leaves vistas unremarked
The learnings that we do not learn
Leaves mankind un-embarked
The wings to fly beyond the cliff
Are in our very soul
We only need to ask an if
To find that we are whole


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"Rhythm of the eye"

Repair, at last, the rhythm of the eye
Make sense of all of this of which I spy
The pans are known
The rhythm shone
And, with each beat
I feel the heat
And miss the wholesome sigh
The dissonance perceived is something less
The action and the nonsense need redress
The wit is thin
The nail is pin
The greed is known
Airs overblown
Beyond the pale I wait in eagerness


© 2016 whickwithy