Friday, February 26, 2016

"Moon shadows"

The silence smothers all of mankind's sound
The moon's bright shadows sharply cast aground
Just a whisper coming from the trees
A rustle in the shadow that agrees
Enchantment rules the sliver and the moon
The whispers and the rustlings do commune
Does light or shadow tell the mythic tale
Of lunar wizardry in light so pale
The larkings in the shadows now resume
The shadows are the bride, the light the groom
Something reflects shadows into light
Suddenly from shadow comes the knight


Monday, February 1, 2016


The universe reflected in your smile
The blessedness that time will not defile
Eternity reflected in your eyes
Reflections that embrace and harmonize
The music of the spheres that's in your sigh
A will to live and zest to always try
Your joy of life encompassing the all
Reflects like Jewels in sparkling waterfall
The sense of universe is in your view
A relishing of all of what we do
All of life resides in your purview
I celebrate existence due to you
A celebration always born anew