Tuesday, April 19, 2016

"Oceans and plains"

Far away, upon the plains, two thousand miles away
In ancient times, before the fall, a will had words to say
It argued for itself in hopes that recompense would come
An angry whirlwind swirling dust unfazed by distant drum
Went on the ocean's rampant waves, and struggle did ensue
To make some sense to circumvent eternity for two
The angry will knew better but she hoped for ocean's sway
Then, Serendipity arose to show the only way


© 2014 whickwithy

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

"Caverns of the mind"

Each poem, like a key, unlocks a cavern in my mind
Vast spaces are encountered with the treasures there to find
All journey's long, the patience laid, transcendence in its deed
The echoes of the cavern's walls reflect a certain creed
Lost inside of canyons, on occasion, I have come
Searching for the reasons in a simple rule of thumb
That all sum up to answers etched so deeply in the wind
There is a life's reality in which tumults rescind
Exploring canyon's resonance has brought the echoes round
There is a way on through without the wind and fury's sound


Sunday, April 3, 2016


The beauty of existence as reflected in a leaf
The beauty that results in coming of steadfast belief
That beauty is as beauty does but so much more than that
That beauty as the central theme brings lustre to the matte 
To find the beauty hidden in a face without a smile
Discovering true beauty in the heart and not the style
Discerning depths of meaning and the reason for the ride
Delving deep into the panorama to decide
That life is not an witless task of levers to be plied
Nor pained experience in which it is one must  abide
Wake up and see the image in reflecting window pane
So soon the storm and darkened clouds at last begin to wane
And leaf, belief and honoring of beauty will remain