Friday, March 17, 2017


A strength resides upon love's grace within eternal halls
No force of time or man can ever breach these sturdy walls
Upon the rampart's walk, impatience stirs, the passion calls
Across the land, the spell in winter's blight of guilt enthralls
But, slowly, now, enchanted land gives way to life and Spring
The crocus blooms, the squirrels romp, and birds begin to sing
The memories retain their force, the glistening returns
The sun upon the dew-filled land evaporates concerns
Despair and all its pitied ilk no longer hold them fast
Discoveries of life and love, the endless vistas vast
The land is well renewed as all the panic now subsides
Upon the mount of memories, the heart so boldly rides
From keep and through the gate, they canter through the broader world
To flowers thrown, and lances raised, the pennant is unfurled
Time has reinforced the colors of this endless love
The gifts are clear, the end is seen, the heart does rise above


© 2015 whickwithy


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